"It is quite natural that older people who are suddenly faced with being alone prefer to stay in the area which they are comfortable rather than move to a strange new place. It is also natural for the children to be quite far away from their loved parent because their work or profession requires it.     

When this happens, both the children and their parent feel that they are losing personal contact with the other. Then the service offered by familiarfaces becomes very important to bridge the communication gap through visits from a known and trusted person. Because of this service the distant children are kept in touch with their parent's wellbeing and activities through the reports from a person who becomes a known face to the elderly parent. This is a comfort to both the parent and the ones who cannot visit themselves.             

I certainly believe that familiarfaces is a great comfort for the elderly and their family."

Brian, Goonellabah. NSW



 "I have a full time job and  3 children that are all involved in sporting activites. I  just never seem to have enough time to call in on mum. Knowing that familiarfaces visits my mum and informs me of every visit, I no longer have to worry and mum has never been happier." 

Joanne, Ballina NSW








"My family can not visit me as much as I would like. Familiarfaces fills that void. Not only do I have lovely visits, they also take me to any appointment I have. It is so nice to know that they are there for me."

Dot, Lismore NSW  





"My week just wouldn't be the same without my visit from familiarfaces. I look forward to my visit every week. They have made a big difference to me and the company is just delightful."

Margaret, Pimlico NSW